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522 Drum Vent: Mounts vertically in 50mm bung opening of 205 litre drums
Automatic pressure relief opening between 5 & 8 psig vacuum relief
Flame arrester prevents propagation of fire through vent passage
5522 Drum Vent: Suitable for horizontal storage drum with 50 mm bung opening
Automatic pressure relief at approximately 5 psig
Manual vacuum relief
In case of fire, fusible emergency relief plug melts venting pressure and preventing drum rupture
Perforated-metal flash arrester prevents accidental ignition of vapour within the drum
5000 Drum Vent/Fill Unit: Mounts into 50mm bung opening of standard storage drums
Provides automatic vacuum & pressure relief at approximately 50mm W.C. facilitating liquid flow during dispensing, and the automatic pressure relief valve opens at 5 to 6 psig
Removable cap assembly permits perforated-metal flash Arrester to remain during filling operations
Sturdy chain prevents loss of cap

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