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Stardust Bag
Stardust Bag
Stardust Tub
Stardust Tub
Stardust 227g Packet
Stardust 227g Packet
Instantly aborbs spill of all types
Leaves floors clean and dry
Eliminates slip and fall risk
Saves money by reducing cost of labour, downtime and disposal
Environmentally friendly
Outperforms all competitive products
Absorbs liquids of any viscosity
Paint, Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Grease, Solvents, Body Fluids,
Absorbs 20 times that of clay granules
Stardust is non toxic
All Petroleum products
Hydraulic/brake/transmission fluids
Motor oil
Axle grease
Refining and production wastes or expended by-products
All liquid and semi-liquid food substances
Honey, syrup Jams, jellies Peanut butter
Glycol (anti-freeze)
All bodily fluids
Human and animal wastes
Herbicides Bases
alkalines, Solvents, Acids (except Hydrofluoric Acid)
Seeing is believing
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Stardust must NOT be used on Hydrofluoric Acid
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